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Meet the Greener Groundskeeper

My name is Ian Plagmann and Port Townsend, Washington is my beautiful home.


When I think of all of my fondest memories they're nearly all outside. I love being outdoors, enjoying beautiful spaces, and being in tune with the environment around me. I translate these passions through my work by utilizing an innovative low-impact approach to landscaping.


I use all electric tools and move them by bike. I have two rigs: a 12-foot-long conventionally powered bicycle and an e-bike with a 8-foot-long trailer. By utilizing a bicycle instead of a truck I generate far less greenhouse gas and noise pollution. My full suite of outdoor electric power tools and ample cache of batteries can handle properties up to an acre! 


With skills as a landscaper working in tandem with my custom bicycle, I'm able to offer professional results without the use of conventional internal combustion engines. My business is healthier for the environment, my clients, and also me!


I look forward to meeting anyone interested in adopting a greener way of groundskeeping! 

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