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Landscape Design

Your landscaping should be fun and low maintenance!

I'll walk you through the entire design process, paying careful attention to your vision and budget. We'll be there every step of the way, from ordering materials to putting the finishing touches in place.


Vacation Mowing

The grass'll grow whether you're home or not!

We'll take good care of your property while you're away. We can help with outdoor maintenance and watering, and are available for indoor plant care as well! Tell us how we can help - so you can put your feet up and enjoy a well-deserved break!



The lowest impact with the biggest punch!

Our electric equipment and our years of experience lead to chic, sharp edges. The Greener Groundskeeper believes tight edges are like tucking in the sheets! Take one thing off your chore list - and smell the grass, not the gas!



We'll give you the tools to work any tool!

Ian is a kind and patient instructor. We care about our clients and encourage people of all ages and abilities to empower themselves. Whether you're watching a budget or wanting to learn a new skill, we can help!

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